Friday, November 28, 2008

The Bad News

It was really disappointing when we received a forwarded message saying that our CISCO Student Conference in Manila will not push through due to some factor... When I arrived in the school early this morning, you cannot paint the faces of my classmates because of the bad news...
Early this evening, we saw our professor who is handling our trip. We immediately follow him at his house to confirm if the trip would really pursue or not. Our professor told us that he really did his best to bring us in Manila and attend the conference, but we were not allowed by our department!grrrRRrr...
Still, we were so determined to pursue the trip in our own risk. We planned to write a letter to the Dean and to our Chairman, saying that we really are interested to go to the conference.
We already exerted a lot of effort to be able to produce the amount for the trip, some of my classmates parent's were having loans just to provide their child the money.

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