Sunday, November 23, 2008

Its Sunday! and its time to go to church... I woke up early because my father planned to take a 7:30 AM mass so that he can have a time to watch boxing at 1o:oo AM... In the church, we saw my uncle and aunt with their daughter carrying her new baby boy. The baby was so cute, he is 10 days old. They named him Joseph :D... After the mass, we went to my aunt's house at Palm Spring, Tibanga to visit my cousin who has just arrived from Manila for his 20 days medical session. we didn't stay long at their house because they have to go to a divine mercy place near Cagayan de Oro city. After we had our lunch, I slept for about 3 hrs because I'm not feeling well due to my colds and cough. When I woke up, I did my laundry and after that I went out to see my boyfriend to give him the notes for our tomorrow's class... And now another weekend ends... :D

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