Monday, November 17, 2008

Kabuhayang sWak na sWak ni G-aNnE :D

In school I sell choco balls, CDs (CD-R and DVD-R), and load for Globe and TM subscribers.

Every night me and my mother make choco balls. My mother then would sell it to her students or deliver it to her co-teachers. And I would sell my choco balls to my classmates. I'm so happy that my classmates also like it and even love it! That they would ask for more :D... It is my pleasure to see their reaction...For me I do not only sell choco balls but I sell happiness and satisfaction for my classmates and friends... :D

CD-Rs and DVD-Rs are very in demand in our course (BSIT) thats why I and my boyfriend who is also an I.T. student decided to have a small business - selling CDs. If we have projects that needs to be burn in CDs then my classmates will buy CDs from us at low cost compare to the CDs sold in our canteen.

Texting is everywhere!...But without load you cannot text! the best way to buy loads nowadays is through autoload max for globe and tm subscribers. My classmates who lives in boarding houses and wants to buy load but they were lazy enough to go outside and look for a reloading station, would just text me and I would immediately load their phones. See? Hassle free! :D

It is really my interest or desire of earing money through my own effort. When I was in my elementary years I sell any kinds of candies or sweet delicacies like yema. Until my high school years I never stop selling anything to be able to earn money for me to save and buy whatever I want.

My parents didn't raise us to be very dependent on them. Not like other children that when they like something they would just ask money from their parents and their parents on the other hand would give what their children wants. For us to be able to get or have what we wanted, we must first work hard on it. I'm still glad that my parents raise us in that way so that we would be able to stand in our own feet and face life with confidence even though our parents is not in our side.

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