Sunday, December 21, 2008

Another Bomb was recovered in Iligan!

Another Bomb was recovered in Iligan!

Few minutes ago, my mother went to the city to buy gift for her godchild who is celebrating his birthday today. When she arrived at home, she told me that another bomb was recovered in the city. The bomb was hidden in a trash can near Rural Bank and Zoey Cafe, and was detected by a roaming K-9 unit.
When will these terrorists stop?... :(

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Sunshine4Life said...

Hi G-anne, thanks for the visit. sure let's exchange links.

Haii ewan kelan ito matapos. Did u receive the text advisory? It's going around.

I was out too today in the city and i never went that far. i stopped lang at the PO then walked around and shopped at Gaisano. Nag brown out bitaw ay ambut ang kuba sa akong dughan pwede ma record. It was so loud. Buti nalang people did not panick. I made an update post here -

come by and visit again. :)