Tuesday, March 2, 2010


It was after our student congress that I realize I haven't seen my cellphone. All I can remember was that I placed it at my friend's handbag. I immediately checked my phone in her bag. When I found out that it was not there I begun panicking...I was so nervous and my heart pumped so fast. I didn't know what to do and where to find my cellphone. I would really be in big trouble if my parents would find out that I lost my cellphone. At that day, my cellphone was newly loaded with p500 worth of load for my auto load max. It would be really a big lost for me :(... My friends tried to contact my cellphone but it was unattended, for it was low batt. Everyone tried to help me and cheer me up but I couldn't help to worry and almost cry. My friend double check her bag if my cellphone was not really there. Luckily, it was there. I was very ashamed to our instructor and to the hotel's staff for helping me find my cellphone... hehe.. It was my fault for I didn't check it very well. But then, I was so happy that it was only a false alarm. :)

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BeyondFeron said...

Hello Anne... Don't Panic! You see, panicking in all aspect never breeds a good result.

Instead Relax and smile!:=)