Thursday, January 15, 2009

Heart Break Poems

I Can't Help but Cry :(

I don’t know why you hurt me like this

Why you make up all these lies

And keep changing your god damn mind

All this pain won’t go away

My heart is breaking everyday

Unable to be put back in any way

It’s killing me inside

To hear you speak, when I’m around

And no matter how hard I try

No matter what I say or do

You will never feel the same again, will you?

Why can’t I let you go?

I sit here all alone

Telling my self I’ll keep on going

Why do I lie to myself, to others?

Pretending I’m alright

Who am I kidding?

I’m lost without you

All though I try

I still can’t deny

You’re the one I cry for

The one I’d die for

You pretend I don’t exist anymore

I pretend I’m happier living like this

I can’t keep hiding these lies

I’m sick and tired of crying

And there’s nothing I can do

If you refuse to even feel the same way I do

The pain can’t stop

The love for you won’t end

The feelings I try so hard to hide

Will always be there following me

Haunting me every night

Your face and smile

Your caring eyes

Stay within my mind

I dream of you

Think about you

Keep wishing you’ll return to me one day soon

Begging for my forgiveness

But the “one” words kill me to say
I know it is only one DREAM, one WISH, one unanswered CRY

i got this poem from i was so touched with it...
and i can relate my self to it... :(


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