Saturday, February 21, 2009

Pinoy Fear Factor Winner - Jommy Teotico

Last night, February 20, 2009 was the last episode of Pinoy Fear Factor. I make it sure that I will not missed the finale because I want to know if my bet Janna Bonana will defeat the the scorpion king Jommy.

In the final challenge - Car Rollover Challenge, both contestants were required to drive a car over a ramp that would explode, flipping the car over at least once. The participants that brought his car farthest from the ramp wins the contest.

But in the end, Jommy won with more than 22 meters away from the ramp compared to Janna's record of 17 meters and 10 centimeters. :(... huhu.. Janna didn't made it...
It is an advantage to Jommy's side because of his expertise in driving that gave him the edge in the final challenge.
But i'm still impressed of Janna's courage to take the last challenge. It only proves that women can also do what men can do.

Jommy won a cool P2 million, a house and lot and the title "El Ultimo Participante".

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worryfree said...

It's just so sad na natalo si Janna. I like her combination of beauty, skills and determination.