Friday, February 6, 2009

Thank You Friend

This is my friend Leah . She just started her blog last week and so happy for her! Congrats Lei! hehe... :) I also want to say Thank You to her for writing something about me...She just told me that she wrote something for me and check it out in her blog :)... I was so touched of what she did... never expected it...hehe...

In return I also want to dedicate this for her ^_^

"A line doesn't have an end unless you put a dot on the edge,

Let our friendship be like this line that never ends,

Let's not put dots on it and kep it in our HEART forever" :)

Thank you for the friendship lei... Thank you for being my crying shoulder and for listening to my problems ( kabalo nka ^_^ )... I really appreciate it... Thanks! :)


Leoj said...

congrats to your friend! :)

what a precious friendship you two have!

iceah said...

sweet nyo naman c: congrats din to your friend c:

added you na inverted lang ang arrangement ng bloglist ko c:

Anonymous said...

g-annE! wow. kaw ha la ka nag-ingon nag-post pud dy ka sumthin bout me. surprised ko nd at d same tym touched...:) tanx au g-an! xempre basta ikaw. ang lakas mo sakin