Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Information Overload

Graduation day is near! And deadlines for our projects are not getting any farther... Our heads are already full of information that results to information overload!... I am now very much pressured because my family will be expecting me to graduate this coming graduation day, and i don't want to disappoint them... I will do my best to accomplish and finish all our projects and defend them well...

I together with my group mates spend every spare of our time working for our thesis... this past weeks, we have few hours of sleep, and i already feel the effect of having incomplete sleeps. I feel very weak and not on the mood always :(... We know that it is not good for our health but we must sacrifice for it we will also gain bigger accomplishments from our sacrifices and hard work. We pray and hope to graduate and see our parents smiles when we march on the stage :)

I must read this book for one week. Our teacher will give us comprehensive exam for us to comply our INC in his subject. A long way to read all the 22 chapters in it :(

And not only that... we also have a lot of Sections to read for our Business Law Subject...We must familiarize all of the 90+ Sections in our book... huhu... :(

Do you think i can do it? Can my head absorb all of these information? OMG! :(

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klivengood said...

Yes you can..."If there's a will, there's a way"...Looking forward to post your graduation day here. Congrats in advance.