Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pre-Commencement Day

MSU-IIT School of Computer Studies Pre-Commencement Day

Graduation is the final celebration of success for students who have completed all of their academic requirements. Student worked hard to achieve this fruit of success. Many sleepless nights were spent for working, studying, remove duplicate files software, and making projects. From all these hard working and sacrifices, students really deserve to graduate and make their parents happy and proud :)

After 4 years in college, I made it! :) I am humble and proud to be one of the graduates of batch 2009 of School of Computer Studies - Mindanao State University Iligan Institue of Technology with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology - Major in Business Software Development.

with my parents :)

At 8:00 A.M. this day held at Elena Tower Inn, Iligan City, we were proud to march and receive our academic diploma ^_^

with my friends and classmates

my thesis group mates with our thesis adviser

Tomorrow April 1, 2009, will be the high light of our graduation day ^_^ ...1600+ graduates of MSU-IIT will be vested as graduates of MSU-IIT Batch 2009 :)


nancy said...

Happy graduation, Anne and congrats! Sarap ng feeling ng gagraduate no?! I remember my days :-D

Jean said...

Happy graduation sau...


Leoj said...

wow congrats! ako isang taon pa. naku dapat kasi hindi ako nag-engg. hahai.

ghieGANDA said...

wow congratulations gurl!! am so happy for u. grabe! hahahah.. super happy no? heheeh..

am sure bongga ang celebration! =)