Thursday, April 30, 2009

Diet Tips | Dieting while Partying

Hello everyone! :)
I just arrived from a birthday party of my high school friend and classmate. As usual, a lot of foods were serve to us.. :) The traditional Filipino food such as lechon, fruit salad, maja blanca, sour fish, fried chicken, adobo, and a lot more...hehe... all those I mentioned were so yummy and delicious but for those having their diets, it is alarming for them...
If a person is on Diet its really difficult for him/her to socialize. Ignoring parties and invitation is definitely not a solution. We have to balance our diet and social parties which isn't easy at all . But! instead of avoiding overeating we can always take necessary precautions.

Here are some tips to keep everyone happy while in a party:

* Before going to the party try eating light snacks around 6PM.

* At dinner, try eating vegetables only . If you cant resist non-vege, go in for grilled chicken.

* Do not drink soups at parties. Soup have cornflour which is not good for people who are on diet.

* Avoid unhealthy foods like deep fried foods, white breads, and oily vegetables.

* Choose salads with chicken and marinated vegetables.

* Get into the habit of eating fruits as desserts instead of high calorie ice creams and puddings.

* Eat your food slowly and cherish it to the fullest.

Hope these diet tips will help you :)


Glenda said...

believe it or not ate... i'm on diet right now and yes it is really difficult to socialize esp. in our part... but i super agree with most of your tips here coz i do most of them... like eating fruits instead of other heavy foods... =D yikes. thanks for sharing by the way... oh and share ko lang din... its been a month since that last time i ate RICE! can you imagine that?? 5lbs pa lang na babawas ko... i need to do more exercise din kasi. anyway, hope you have a good friday!

nancy said...

i only get conscious whenever there's some clothes i like and would love to have it but unfortunately won't fit me... how terrible! huhu ...