Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mt. Agad-Agad Adventure

Mt. Agad-Agad Adventure

Last week, my friends decided to have an outing together. And going to Mt. Agad-Agad would be the best adventure. We started hiking at about 7:30 PM and arrived in the peak of the mountain at 9:30 PM :)... The weather is good and the moon at that time is also big and bright which added light to our flash light. hehe... :) The good thing in our adventure is that there was a dog guiding us. The dog just appeared when we were already in the middle of the mountain. We really wondered where it came from. The dog was so nice and obedient. He guard us all night when we were asleep until we were awake. As we were going down, we noticed that the dog isn't anymore in our side. so wierd that the dog just disappeared... but then we just think that it maybe a guardian in disguise :)

Mount Agad-Agad is a mountain located in Iligan City, Philippines which has an estimated height 1,600 feet above sea level. (wikipedia). Mount Agad-Agad is very accessible and is good for mountain hikings and overnight campings. It affords a full view of Iligan City by night or day, ideal for the adventurous type, hikers and mountaineers. A small waterfall is featured on the way to the top of the mountain.(wikipedia)

Overview of Iligan City

Good morning Iligan City ^_^

The one and only one tent of the group :)

Picture taking before going home :)

The Adventurers :)

... ^_^ ...

is that a waterfalls behind us? (?_?) hihi...


Glenda is the name. =) said...

awww can't wait for summer so me and my friends can go hiking too... great pictures! =D

anyway, you've been tagged by me! check it out!

Mars said...

wow, i miss mt. agad agad. i've been there twice. :)