Monday, April 27, 2009

A picture of me

TAGGED BY: Glenda a friend of mine here in the blogging world :)

1. A picture of you that show what you do when you're bored.

2. A picture of you in a team or club you were in.
(JITS-Junior Information Technology Society Officers S.Y. 2008-2009)

3. A picture of you in one of your favorite outfits.
(our mini magazine pictorial... haha)

4.The youngest picture of yourself you can find in a digital form.
(taken during my first year in college...were having fieldtrip at Camiguin Island and we ate our breakfast together... )

5. A picture of the real you.
(that's me...simple and nice... hehe...)

6. A picture of you being absolutely ridiculous.
(taken during our adventure at Mount Agad-Agad... we were not really on top of the coins... hehe)

7. A picture of you in your room.
(behind this face is my room... hehe)

8. A picture of you making a goofy face at the camera.

9. A picture of you that you had no idea was being taken.
(i must lose weight so that i can manage to pull up myself in the pool...haha)

10. A picture of you on your birthday.
(My friends surprise me with a birthday card...)

11. A picture of a time when everything was changing.
(When I met him, it seems that my life has also changed... hehehe)

12. A picture that makes you smile.
(I know my parents are proud of me ^_^)

13. A picture that you hate.
(taken when i was approaching the peak of Mt. Agad2x...
they didn't told me that they were taking pictures of me arriving... grrr...)

14. A picture of a time in your life that's over,
and you couldn't be more thankful that it is.

(when we finished our thesis project, I'm so thankful that for now sleepless nights are over...ZZZZZzzzz (-.-) )

15. A picture of a day or night you regret.
(i really like this picture of ours... but i hate the one who took this...grrr... )

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There's no RULES... just enjoy it! =)


Kristie said...

Yes I'd love to exchange links. I put you on my link exchange at Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy looking at the pics esp. your magazine pictorial....mukhang hirit ka sa rampa...:-)
Geraldine dear, I have a favor...can you please change my URL in your blogroll into my new URL domain name;
Thanks so much dear.

Chuchie Lopez-Wilks said...

Hello G-anne, thanks sa jud ko ngbasa ani dah..for sure mag-enjoy kog scan og pictures ani..thanks ha..ill try to post this as soon as i can..always late raba jud ko mgpost og tag

nancy said...

hi g-anne! dropping by. thank you so muh for this tag. it's up on my page now too :)

Have a great Wednesday!

Glenda said...

Wow, thanks for grabbin' the tag! I enjoyed looking to all your pictures.
Hope you had fun... =D nakakatawa yung nasa pool ka eh. I have the same picture din na ganun kaso ayaw ko ipost... nakakahiya itsura ko!

Chuchie Lopez-Wilks said...

Hello G-anne, done posting the tag. here is the link