Thursday, May 14, 2009

I had fever... :(

Last Tuesday, we were in the school campus when it rained so hard but before we went home we first dropped our books to our classmate's boarding house. We stayed there until the rain stops but unfortunately it never stops so we decided to go home. At that time I'm not feeling well anymore. I came home wet even though i brought my umbrella with me. At the middle of the night, I started to chill and my temperature rose up to 39 degrees Celsius.. :( My head is very heavy, I lost my appetite, all I ate tasted bitter... huhuhu... I just slept whole day. And I missed a lot of things in that whole day that i had fever... One thing is missed is my blogging...I also missed my friend's birthday... :(

Today, my friends text me that there will be a job opportunity held in our school department. I tried my best to recover fast, I took a bath with warm water. Though my temperature is back to normal I still felt very dizzy and uncomfortable. I missed my afternoon session in the job hiring because I can no longer take my headaches... so sad...
Hope tomorrow everything will be back to normal. My temperature, my appetite, and no more colds and coughs...

FYI: Fever is not a disease but rather a symptom of an illness.
To manage fever here are some tips I want to share to you:
  • Drink a lot! Fever increases fluid loss, and dehydration can drive up temperature.
  • Dress lightly or bundle. If you look pale, shivers, or complains of feeling chilled, bundle yourself in breathable fabrics so that sweat will evaporate, but make sure you can easily remove the layers.
  • Don't push food. People with fevers generally don't have much appetite. Determine when and what you want to eat. Just bear in mind that consumption of sugary foods could delay the natural immune response.

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