Tuesday, May 19, 2009

MagMa Reunion

Last May 16, 2009, we attended a reunion at the school auditorium at Brgy. Suarez. This reunion was not a reunion on family with the same blood or what we knew the usual family reunion. But this was a neighborhood reunion, or which they called the MagMa Reunion. MagMa is an organization composed of the loyal residence of Purok Magsaysay and Purok Maabiabihon of Brgy. Suarez, Iligan City.

30 years ago my grandma and grandpa lives in here with their daughters and sons, including my father. My grandpa usually worked at the National Steel Corporation as a company guard. The company benefited them with free living in Brgy. Suarez - free electricity and water as benefits.

At present, Purok Magsaysay and Purok Maabiabihon does not exist anymore but the strong feeling of love for their neighbors still remains the same thats why such organization was established to maintain their relationship with each other.

...the elders of MagMa...

MagMa Officers with Mayor Cruz and his wife Gina Cruz...
Gina Cruz is also a loyal residence of MagMa. She lived there when she was still a kid... :)

MagMa Residence dance number... :)

My mom and Tita Gina... They were once best of friends...

my cousin, my aunt, and ME... ^_^

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