Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Phone Interview with Convergys Makati

Yesterday, I received a call from Convergys Makati. They said that they received my online application through jobstreet... :)
At first, I was nervous when I answered my cellphone but then as the conversation goes by I was kinda enjoying the interview. The caller herself is very good to me. She really explained me everything. She even asked me when would I like to be interviewed. I said to her that I'll be probably in Manila 2nd week of June so she scheduled me on June 15, 2009... :)
She also remind me on what things to bring for my interview. She told me to bring my resume, ballpen, ID, and jacket... When I heard jacket, I immediately asked her if I heard it right... haha... and she laughed at me, she told me that its very cold in their working place thats why I needed to bring my jacket with me... :)
I'm so excited to go to Manila and look for job... Hope when I'm there I'll be able to find job as soon as possible... :) My sister in Makati always ask me when will I really go there because she already reserve me a bedspace and she already paid it for me... :)


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good luck to your future interview, Anne. You can do it!