Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pasalubong/Gifts from my aunt and uncle

As my grandparents arrived today, they also brought us a lot of pasalubong/gifts from my aunt and uncle in Montana, USA.

My aunt bought me formal blouse and pants...These would be very useful to me because I'm planning to apply for new job and I would definitely wear these for my first job interview which is scheduled on June 15... :)...I really like what my aunt bought for me,it really fits on me... hehe... I look descent when I tried it...My uncle bought me slippers as a graduation gift for me, I like the color and style. My uncle really knows my taste in foot wears...I also received gifts from my grandma. She bought me new sunglasses and hair remover. My grandma really knows what I like and want. The last hair remover that she gave me is almost empty and I'm glad that she bought me another one again...weee... :)

I'm really happy and contented of what I received now... I'm so glad that I have a very generous aunt, uncle, and grandparents... :)

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