Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fruitful Social Networking Site

Today, hundreds of social networking site has been established with in the world wide web. Most of their purpose is to deliver and provide a social relationships with in the internet. Some is just to provide a gaming relationship, a friend relationship, a video or any media relationships. Some are successful because of these purposes.

But do you know that I was able to browse a long and found another kind of social networking site which somehow far behind some other social networking sites. And this was the CHEM Lab. Coursehero was actually a social networking site whose primary purpose is to help and create a strong bond of educational relationship. They offer a wide variety of academic resources such as CHEM Lecture Notes, textbooks and a lot more. It is basically a learning social networking site. Here you can ask some help from any part of the world in regards to your academic problems. And one thing, it is not only intended to colleague students but it has also hundreds of professors ready to help you with your academic query.

Coursehero has been uplifted the way social networking sites are viewed in our society. This is somehow delivering another form of social networking sites into another level with a great great purpose, to help people in their academic life.

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