Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Miss You Like Crazy

When I left my beloved hometown - Iligan. I also left half of my heart there:( ... beside of my family and friends that I miss so much, I also miss someone close to my heart - the person whom i really care and love for... the person who inspires me... who makes me laugh... who understands me... and who is always there for me despite of the distance... How I wish I can have my own pontiac supercharger to cheer me up.

I hope things will go well even though we are distance apart. I believe that everything has its own purpose - you are there and I am here. All we need to do is to be strong and faithful. I know I will not always be there for you physically but my heart and mind will always be there for you. I will always be here for you, you know that...

I'm sorry for everything EY... my shortcomings, my jealousy, my childish attitude, etc... even though I easily get jealous it doesn't mean that I don't have trust in you... since start I already trusted you because if not I will no longer go in with this relationship with you...hope you understand why I acted like that... :( I just miss you and I was paranoid when I saw that picture ... :(

I know you are already sick and tired of my sorries... I already abused using that word with you :( but i still hope you will not lose patience with me... hope you'll never change...hope you will still carry that promise you made me from the start because I will always keep my promise with you...

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