Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wine Glass Racks

Next week is big big day for my friend. She’s going to be married. Yey! ^_^
But I don’t have any idea of what I will give to her in her very special day of her life. Weddings are not just an ordinary day to all of us. For some, like me and my friend this is the happiest stage of our lives. This is the moment where you are going to marry the love of your life.

And for her wedding day, I also wanted to give her not only a special gift but also a gift that would really mean something, and would symbolizes our friendship. Well, since it is her wedding day and we all knew that there’s a part in the reception where the newly wed drink wine together... because of that, I wanted to give the new couple a wine glass rack where they can place their wedding glass wine. ^_^ I was also planning to give them not only a wine glass rack but also stemware rack or a hanging wine glass rack or a bar glass racks . Either of these will do ^_^

Well, for now I’m still confused on what to give her. I wanted to give an elegant and sophisticated gift that she can use in their newly built house. That’s also what she likes. =)… Gosh! Time is running fast, I must decide now on what to buy for her. ^_^

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nancy said...

These are nice wine racks... reminds me of the sports bar I used to work with before :-D

How are you Anne? Been a long while since my last hop here.