Monday, November 9, 2009

Protecting Your Home and Family with ADT Home Security System

In this world of ours safety and security for our home and family really matters most. Everyday we are exposed to danger either it is intended or not. But we can prevent our selves out of danger by simply protecting our home with the help of the technology that we have today.

ADT – Monitored Home Security Systems is the answer for your home security and safety. They help protect the people and things 24 hours a day and seven days a week. They are very much committed to their client’s home security and safety.

The following list are the benefits you can get if you avail their Home Security Monitoring :
(1) ADT is America’s #1 Monitored Home Security System; (2) It daunt criminals before they even attempt to break in to your home; (3) Installing an ADT System in your home may lower your homeowner’s insurance rates by as much as 20%; (4) It helps protect your home even when you're away; (5) It is an industry leader with experience; (6) It uses 4 interconnected monitoring centers throughout the US to ensure your home is always monitored; (7) ADT's optional Smoke and Heat Sensors, Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Water Sensors, and Freeze Sensors help protect your home even when your system is not armed; (8) With ADT's Two-Way Voice option you can communicate directly with a live ADT dispatcher from most any room in your home in case of emergency; and (9) ADT CellGuard® option allows you to communicate with ADT monitoring professionals even when telephone lines are not available. They offer all these benefits in all the states in U.S. from Alabama to Colorado to Florida to Indiana to Vermont to Winconsin and to other 43 states in U.S.

So, protect your home and family now… There are only 2 ways to do this: Complete the form OR Call 800-262-6012 ^_^ … Upon completing the form their home security specialists will contact you shortly for a free consultation… ^_^

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