Monday, February 15, 2010

I'm Coming Home...sOoN

This is my home town - Iligan City! I really miss this place!

Time has come for me to go home... hehe... though its only for a week... ^_^ I already filed my VL and my boss told me that he will approve my Vacation Leave on Monday - today! weeee... :)

Since I went in Manila and found my first job here, I never had a time to go home. Not only time but also the budget go home...haha...

I'm so much excited to see again my family and friends. This vacation of me together with my sister is somewhat a special request from my Lola. She wanted us to be there in their Wedding Anniversary and to their Thanks Giving for the success of her operation... =) So, we really make it sure that we could grant her request... And i guess, we can 'coz we really are going home soon... :)

The funny thing about this is that when my flight was already been booked I haven't filed my leave yet.. hehehe.. and too much of my excitement that I text all my close friends the good news of me going home... haha... :)

Well, I guess I just really miss them all! ;)


BeyondFeron said...

Well happy trip and send my regards to your family. BTW, please don't forget our "pasalubong" haha, LOL! God Bless!:=)

Paula said...

Hi sis,

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Goodluck on your trip. :)