Sunday, February 28, 2010

Temporary Insurance, Does it Exist?

It looks like a strange concept, temporary insurance, insurance plan that you simply take out for a short period of time. You would think initially if you have never utilized this kind of insurance plan, what is the point? Surely it will be better just to obtain a full annual policy. In reality there is a growing demand for this kind of automobile insurance and even for insuring a van. That is because at some time everybody finds that they need to borrow a car or van at a friend or relative, hires an automobile or wants to test drive a car in the showroom.

It will be expensive to have to buy a whole annual policy just to drive a vehicle for a couple of days. This may also be expensive to alter an existing policy such as your personal or that of the person whose car you might be wanting to drive.The answer to this situation is to take out a car insurance plan only for the period of time that you'll be driving the car for. That is now obtainable like a temporary automobile insurance plan policy. It may be the same kind of car insurance plan that you get for your normal annual policy that covers you for a year except it can cover you for as little as a single day. The benefits of this type of cover is that you are only paying for the time that you require, which means that you will be having to pay out less cash and only paying for which you're really going to use.

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