Saturday, March 20, 2010

Think Before Getting Cash Advance

Hi, have you ever wondered on how to get your own Cash Advance ? Just like me who work on a company, usually there are sometimes that I'm thinking to get my cash advance because of some situations that I'm really in need of money. And I know there are people which I usually hear, cash advance is really a good way to get a quick and fast cash in times of need. My mom and dad usually applies for a cash advance on their respective job to get an advance payday. In this manner, they can usually get money to spend on our important and urgent expenses. As far as my knowledge is concerned, cash advance is really a good privilege that everyone can take advantage of. But like many others, it has also disadvantages that lies on it. If cash advance is used in different ways, instead of using it in "need" situations, spending it on "wants" will definitely somehow affects your paydays. I'm thinking that if this privilege is misused, it will somehow contribute to ones disadvantages because he/she may not be able to get his/her next pay that may delay some of his expenses. And in the future it will accumulate and become a burden.

But despite of all, I'm not really always getting my cash advance. I wanted to get my pay on the time that I must get it. In this way, I can manage and budget my money properly without worrying of the previous cash advance. :)

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nice to read your good ideas!