Monday, June 28, 2010

Wierd Hotels

Ice Hotel is, as you might guess, a hotel made of ice. Several room options are available, from “cold room” options that include sleeping on actual blocks of ice (brr!) or reindeer skins to the “warm room”

The flowing lines this luxury Starwood Resort in Elciego , Spain

Marques de Riscal

Genting Highlands Hotel in Kuala Lumpur

Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas

Skye Lighthouse is now a hotel
Some prefer the sound of crashing waves and beach access. In that case check into the Skye Lighthouse, in Scotland.

Tree House Lodge in Costa Rica

Dog Bark Park Inn

Weird but also wonderful are the Cappadocia Cave Suites in Turkey, carved during Hittite, Byzantine and Roman days, but now used as lodging.

White Cliffs in New South Wales will put you up in an underground hotel carved out as opal mines

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Shabnam Ahsan said...

what an innovative & interesting way of staying.Thanks for collecting them at one place