Saturday, June 5, 2010

Typhoon Dodong - What is a Typhoon?

Typhoon, like the past and upcoming typhoon dodong, is a frequent normal tragedy that can occur in any places on earth principally places nearly to the Pacific Ocean. They could strike more often specifically in areas at risk of typhoons.

If you reside from the Philippines, you might eventually know that summer is almost over. And obviously, Philippine Typhoon Season is coming and on it's way.

Rainy season is good. Farmers expect this year for a good time to grow rice and other food staples.Philippines being ideally on a typhoon inclined region in the Pacific Ocean normally experience numerous heavy rains each year.

Generally, around 7 typhoons hit the region each year. This quantity seems to increased the past decade.

Man has not realized preventing typhoons such the new and upcoming typhoon dodong, but we could predict their direction and ability soon enough to search out safety and survive. Being well-prepared will spare the psychological stress of panic and prevent creating probably dangerous blunders. Fear and panic have the effect of numerous lost lives, and that is one condition you can control.

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