Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Successful Student Congress 2008

Hello everyone! :) I'm back!...its been 6-days that i haven't opened my blog because we attended the 1st CNA Student Congress 2008 last Dec.5-6 at Manila. The trip took us 6 days because the ship trip to Manila would take 2 days.

The Conference was fun and informative. Not only that we've learned a lot of things about Information Technology but it also helps us in our future career. The Conference provides job offering for those who will be graduating this S.Y. 2008-2009. Lots of companies were there offering job vacancies for their company. We also had a very exciting activity. The organizers group us into 13 groups to be able to interact with other students. The activity was about the plans for our 1st CISCO Student Organization. We planned what would be our Mission, Vision, Organizational Structure and its respective Duties and Responsibilities.
Because of this activity we met new friends from different schools nationwide. Some were friendly, some we're not.

After a long day of fun and information we had a picture taking with our instructor.

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