Friday, December 26, 2008

Viral encephalitis

Viral encephalitis

This is my cousin Iggy Boy. A year ago, he was diagnosed with viral encephalitis.

Viral encephalitis is inflammation of the brain caused by a virus. Some viral diseases, such as measles and rubella, can also progress to involve inflammation of the brain. Other micro-organisms, such as bacteria, fungi and parasites, are capable of triggering encephalitis, but viruses - particularly the group known as enteroviruses - are the leading cause. Once inside the blood, the viruses migrate to the brain where they start to multiply. The body notices the invasion and mounts an immune system response. This causes the brain to swell. The combination of infection and immune response create the typical symptoms of viral encephalitis. The major risk is permanent brain damage.

We never thought that Iggy Boy would survive the attacks of the virus. He was only 2 yrs old then. We witnessed all his sufferings and pains while he was in the hospital. It breaks our heart when we hear him crying. :( ... but we can do nothing to help ease his pains but to pray. And with the help of our prayers, he was saved and given a chance to live even though his thoughts and memories were all gone because of the damaged done by the virus.

This picture was taken last September 2007 a month before my cousin was hospitalized. At this time, he was experiencing high temperature, headache, vomiting, and seizures which are some of the symptoms of viral encephalitis.

Now Iggy Boy is in good health and recovering fast. He also undergone a lot of therapy hoping that he will be back to normal again... :) And this coming January 4, 2009, he will be celebrating his 4th birthday ... :)

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