Friday, January 23, 2009

Coronation Night of Mr & Ms CED '09

Coronation Night of Mr & Ms CED '09

I came home late this night because i watched the Mr & Ms College of Education '09. Our college governor which is also my friend and classmate since high school invited us to watch it because he was given a free ticket for 5...but we were only 3 to watch it..hehe...actually i dont like to go in that pageant because i'm tired and hungry form our 7:30 class..but i was convinced when he said that it has free snacks..haha!... ^_^

...anyways, the flow of the program was neat and organize... i also like the theme of the pageant - the falling angels, winter wonder land, i love pink craze, and the formal filipiniana attire... :) the audience were enjoying shouting and screaming for their bets...hehe...

We went home when the question and answer portion started 'coz we could no longer take our hunger...the snacks they said were not yet distributed..huhu...and we were so much sleepy and HUNGRY!... despite of that i still enjoy the night... :)

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Sunshine4Life said...

Hmmm so who won? post here the picture of the winner. am sure guapa. hehehee

btw, added u na. you can check out the list here:

am just curious to know if daghan mo bloggers diha sa inyong community? are you familiar with Mark of Tiklaton? I thought why not we meet as a Blogger's group so that our blogger's community in iligan can join (as a group) the upcoming Mindanao Blogger's summit anytime this year. HOw's that?

Please contact me by email if you have time ( -- we can plan it out. I know how hectic your skeds would be but at least we just meet one time and let's know more each other na online. Mark of Tiklaton is also an IIT guy.