Thursday, January 22, 2009

Free Time

I really don't like the schedule in which there is no class in between class schedule... like having a 3:oo to 4:3o class to be followed by 6pm class like we have... its very boring to wait for the next class if you don't have to do anything... hehe...

Anyways, this afternoon we spent our free time in a vacant room... some of my classmates were busy talking, taking pictures... :) and some were busy editing the chat code which i found in the know what? we (especially me, whose kinda weak in coding :(... huhu...) really had a hard time for this project in which we will make a chat program using C and run it in Linux...hope we could finish it and defend it as soon as possible to be able to comply with our INCs and have a chance to march this graduation :)

compiling, editing , & understanding the nose bleeding code... ^_-


disturbing them... hehe

boredom ...

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punky said...

graduate lage na! kaya na!