Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Blog is Fab

Thanks Sunshinelene ^_^ I'm so overwhelmed when you awarded me with "Your Blog is Fabulous!"... never thought it is fab... hehe

The Rules for the Tag are:

1. You need to list 5 Addictions that you have.
2. You have to pass this Tag to five (5) or more people with fabulous Blogs.

My Five Addictions:

Actually it is not an addiction but i like and love doing these:

1. Baking

2. Watching Movies

3. Blogging ( lately)

4. Listening Musics

5. Cross Stitching

... and now I'm passing this Fabulous Award to:

1.) Glenda
2.) Demcy
3.) Grace
4.) illynn
5.) Ghie


Sunshine4Life said...

Hi Anne, yeah ur blog is fab! :-)

Thanks for playing along.

Other Side said...

HI, have a nice day.. nice to meet you.. http://gladyaregita.blogspot.com/

Shyn said...

congrats! :) you deserve this award g-anne :)