Friday, January 30, 2009

Grilled Foods are Every Where

Grilled Foods are Everywhere

When we were walking along the street near our school I observed that grilled foods are everywhere... BBQ and grilled foods are popular meal choices and it is really an in demand business for now especially near our school knowing that it is very salable for the students especially to those who lives in boarding houses. BBQ and grilled foods are popular meal choices of us.

Literally, grilled foods and BBQ have different meaning. The term "grilling" refers to cooking food over a direct flame or other high-heat source. BBQ, on the other hand, has three distinct differences. One main difference between grilling and BBQ is the heat source. BBQ uses indirect heat or low-level heat to cook foods. But the question is Do Grilled Foods Cause Cancer?

Reports linking charred food to carcinogens and cancer have made some people concerned about grilling and grilled foods. But! these reports are often exaggerated and don't always explain the everyday implications. Although there is some evidence that large amounts of charred food may cause cancer, the evidence is not conclusive at this time, and there are many more questions to be answered. But once thing is apparent - under normal grilling conditions, and with a healthy, well-balanced diet, people eating grilled foods just don't consume the amount of charred food and carcinogens. In fact, there are many other things that are more likely to lead to cancer than eating grilled foods.Such as cigarettes where its smoke is much more harmful.

So fire up that grill and enjoy a safe, healthy meal of your favorite grilled foods! :)


Michelle said...

wow, love that bbq thingy in pinas! i really miss those soooooo much! :)

Nancy said...

KOREK! love bbq esp... chicken wings, liver and hotdogs..ummm! ginutom tuloy ako :-D

pa happy weekend na nga lang muna sayo, Anne :-)

GAGAY said...

tsk tsk tasty pero inde dapat ipagpalagi..cancer-causing food eto eh..


worryfree said...

Pinoys are really fond of barbecue. Cancerous or not, our fascination with this food will not wane away.

S-H-Y said...

WOW sarap nmn nyan!

yan said...

mm mm~
I love grills!