Sunday, January 4, 2009

Timoga Spring

Timoga Spring is a spring located along the National Highway, Timoga, Barangay Buru-un, Iligan City, Philippines, around 9 kilometers away from the city proper. It is well-known for icy-cold and crystal-clear springs flow freely to the pools of different sizes. There are around five spring resorts along the highway which is easily accessible by land to all locals and tourists.

Dela Mar Pool

Rain or shine we went at Dela Mar Pool yesterday to celebrate my parent's 24th wedding anniversary and also for the despidida of my younger brother whose going back to Tawi-Tawi with my uncle.
Dela Mar Spring is one of the five spring resorts in timoga.
We chose this resort because it has a wider pool for our rubber boat compare to the other four spring resort.

Struggling to inflate the rubber boat... haha! :)

ready to ride on it... :)

... Dela Mar Kiddy Pool with my brother and cousin ...

This time, struggling to deflate the rubber boat... hihihi :)

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