Monday, January 5, 2009

Blogging and Advertising

Blogging and Advertising

When I was in my high school years, I already heard about blogging but I take it for granted thinking that it is a boring idea to blog. I only got interested in blogging when my college friend told me about his experiences in the blogging world. How it benefits him and get paid to post.

Now it make sense to me, people have blogs to express their feelings, insights, ideas, or knowledge to everyone. And not only that! Through blog advertising feature, it financially benefit the blogger or promote the blogger's favorite causes. Now, I realize that I should also have my own blog and make money blogging through it.
With the influence of my friend, I started my own blog. At first, it was boring because my page is very dull and empty. But as the days passed it was very interesting and fun. Many bloggers interact with my writings , they post comments, suggestions, some requested exchange links, and the likes. As I was blog hopping, I read at one's blog about I wonder what is it all about, I read her article about blog advertising and got interested on it. I signed up and submitted my blog. Last week, I received an email from that they had already reviewed my blog and was approved. I'm so happy because this is my first time that I could have an opportunity to get paid to post.

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Borneo Falcon said...

Paid post will affect your page rank. That is why I stay away from it

mirasol said...

so you're making money out of your blog now?
hmm...i'm quite interested in it before, but i back out the thought of it XD...