Monday, February 2, 2009

Online Exam on NetAd CCNA1

Online Exam on NetAd CCNA1

Last weekend, we took an online exam on our Networking Administration subject... Our Professor told us that he will be activating the online exam on Saturday January 31, '09, chapters 1 to 5 of CCNA1 Discovery...quite long... :(

As usual, I and my classmates decided to spend overnight at our place to take the exam, and to help each other answer the exam...hehehe... :) we were five and we divided our self with one chapter each... we use all our resources that we had - internet, notes, stored knowledge, and the likes to be able to answer the questions... ^_^

Actually spending overnight is not a good idea and good practice because more time is spent on talking, and eating than doing the task intended for that night :)...hehe... but we always practice that...bad habit... hehehe.. but not all the time we were like that.. we also had a time that we were serious and really spend the whole evening working with our projects or doing our group assignments, it really depends if the deadline is near... hehe...

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