Saturday, April 4, 2009

My First Job Interview

My First Job Interview

Today, I had my first job interview at Pepsi Cola Products Philippines Incorporation - PCPPI. The I.T. Department of our school told us that the PCPPI is in urgent need of Territory Coordinator (Regular Position, Supervisory Level). Their specification would be IT graduate, with or without experience, strong analytical skill, highly computer literate, strong personal skills, can handle people, focused, flexible, willing to exend working time, and can start as soon as possible.

Without thinking twice, I grabbed this opportunity because i am humble and confident enough that a combination of my academic background, trainings, and experiences I am qualified for the said position... hehe :)

Actually, the interview went well... the most important thing i learned from this interview is that before anything else, you must first know the background of the company you are applying to...that was my mistake! i forgot to search about their company and what are their products...The interviewer asked me something about what their company's products... and i had difficulty innumerating all of it...i also mistakenly answered their competitors product..haha!i i was very ashamed...hehehe... the interviewer just corrected me...

So, before going to a job interview, always remember to search information about the company you are applying to... :)


nancy said...

haha..this made me recall my last employment at Toyota.. but atleast u made a big step. u get through the interview. di kaya biro yun!

goodluck, sis!

Michael said...

Interesting post,

As a mode of preparing for job interview it would be a good idea to check in with people who are already working in the concern to casually understand what you are expected to be and do in your current job. There is nothing like talking to a senior who already works there who might be able to help you through the process of the interview. Overall staying in the moment and absolutely calm helps you keep your peace and poise through any number of stumbling questions that you might be thrown at. You must at all point keep your calm and voice your opinions and answers firmly.