Saturday, May 9, 2009

21 Years in Earth

Yesterday, May 8 2009 I celebrated my 21st birthday... heheh :)
My cellphone keeps on receiving calls and text from my friends and relatives, my email was also full of online greeting cards from my family whose not here and from my friends far away,... And I hope they can give us some International Calling Cards and hopefully talk with my far family.

i was touched and happy to some of my friends that despite of their busy schedule in life they were still able to greet me on my birthday, but their are also some of them who didnt even remember my birthday. The sad thing about it is that their are not only my friends but CLOSE friends! :(... I was really disappointed and sad with them...

Enough of that sad thing... Its my birthday! so Iĺl share to you now the happy things happened on my special day :)
I went to church to pray and thanks the Lord for giving me another year to live... :)

I celebrated my birthday with my family and close friends. I baked my special banana cake :), my mother cooked me bihon pancit for long life, we also bought grilled chicken, and bread. Simple as that... :)

The best part I liked was that my special someone surprised me with a cake! isn't he sweet?! hehe :)

In this simple celebration I only invited few friends it was only a birthday snack but that birthday snack was extended until midnight and until morning. hehehe... One of my friend got drunk and it was so funny when she started to talk and didn´t stop talking. We took the advantage of asking her what she really feels and some white secrets were reveled. haha! ^_^

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Kristie said...

Happy Birthday. 21 is a big feat. Enjoy.
I remember my 21st bday. It was one of my best.
Here's to many more wonderful years.
You're special sweetie looks very cute and sweet.