Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother´s Day Gift for Mom

Today, is motherś day! :) Do you now have gift to give to your mom?
Worry no more! here are some stuff perfect to give to your mom, nanay, mama, mom, ina, inay, nay, or whatever you call your mother :)

Is your mom a traveler? Buy this cute personalized luggage wraps. This stylish monogrammed luggage wrap keeps track on your mom´s bag and luggage to avoid mistakenly taking off someone´s luggage. :)

You can also give your mom this coffee sleeve. This will keep your mom´s
hands insulated from a hot drink coffee when she´s on overtime working.

Try also this keepsake school year book which a mom can enjoyably put pictures of her child´s or children´s achievements or activities in school.

Show your love to your mom by simply giving her some personalized stuff of your her style. :)

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