Sunday, May 10, 2009

practical usage of free sms

Hi guys!... Have you tried sending SMS (Short messages) from your email account to a mobile phone or from your mobile phone to an email? :) I've tried it and its really fun and less expensive compare
to sending directly from your mobile phone.

With free sms we can now send SMS to our email or from our email to mobile phone.

We can now easily send SMS to our friends from our email account which allows us to send bulk sms from any email to any mobile phone across the world. And also, sending SMS to email is possible if you are away from your computer. If in any case your phone does not support email you can send it by simply sending your message to a gateway number with the recipient's email address.
Simple as that... :)

Isn't it practical and interesting?! :D
So, try now using online sms for a more convenient way of sending short messages :)

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