Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What is BRS?

Are you a lawyer looking for some missing bankruptcy records of your client? or are you a citizen looking for your old bankruptcy record so that you can now process your mortgage application?...

Well, BRS will help you with your problem! BRS stands for Bankruptcy Records Search. It is an online public records resource dedicated exclusively to locating bankruptcy records. BRS's database allows their clients to locate bankruptcy records of an individual. By simply typing the name and address of a person you wish to search, BRS can instantly get bankruptcy records of them. There isn't a record that BRS can't retrieve because they cover all 50 states, and every county court.

In addition with your search you can also get the following information: Access Complete Case Number, Parties Named on File, File/Discharge Dates, and Access to Court Document.

Isn't that easy!... so what are you waiting for! try this for a hasle free searching of bankruptcy files.... :)

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