Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sending Food Through LBC? (?_?)

My mom is planning to send us food here in Makati City through LBC. Well, my mom was worried because every time she calls us here in our boarding house and ask us what's our viand, we always tell her that we are preparing noodles or canned foods for our meals. Somewhat she was worried because of the preservatives of the food we are preparing. She then told us that she will be cooking special chicken adobo for us and she will also ask our grandmother to bake banana cake for us too. :) And then they will send it to us via LBC.

Me and my sister was so touched of our mother's effort of sending us our favorite viand. Thanks ma ^_^ They will send the foods today and we will be expecting it tomorrow, lunch time! :) weeee... i'm so so excited! we really miss our mom's special recipe and our grandma's special cake :)

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