Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) House

Last weekend, my sister went to Bohol for a 2-day vacation with her boyfriend’s family. I was then left alone in our boarding house. Somehow, I got bored and I texted my high school friends who are also here in Manila to have a review for their upcoming board exam in chemistry. I informed them that I will be going to visit them in their boarding house. I asked them how to get on their place. Actually, I’m not yet used of going to other places alone other than Makati and Mandaluyong. I’m afraid that I might get lost. My friends were staying in Quezon City while I’m in Makati City. Well, Quezon City and Makati City is quite a distance but if you’ll ride the MRT it will just take you about 30 minutes to go to Quezon city however if you ride a bus you’ll probably be having an hour of trip because of heavy traffic.

I was so happy and excited when I met my friends again. Since their boarding house is located near ABS-CBN, I asked them a favor if they can take me to the famous Pinoy Big Brother House also known as PBB House . I really wanted to see the house and take some pictures of it with me and my friends.

When was already there, I really took a lot of pictures. Haha. I really can’t imagine that the house I saw only in TV was already in front of me. Hehehe… It was really a nice experience being there. ^_^


nancy said...

wow galing! talagang di mo pinalampas makita yung PBB house, ha. if by chance makabalik ako ng Manila, pwede ba kita maging tour guide papuntang bahay ni kuya? hahaha!

sheena said...

hahaha! ausa oi! ako sunod i-tour g-anne ha?hahaha.. regards kong mylene en jLo! =)

Marky said...

Hala nasuya ko doh hahahah! Gusto ko magpa fakesure diha... heheh

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