Thursday, August 13, 2009

Are fleas a carrier too?

Last week, my friend who is in MSU-IIT, confirmed and told me that the university suspended all classes and works because of the AH1N1 virus. And as we all know it was one of the biggest virus ever existed in the present. Its fast spreading virus because it passes from one person to another by means of simple contact. But I wonder if other than you man is there any thing that catalyzes the spreading?

I think one of the possible carrier other than a human and animals will be insects. And fleas will be on top of them since they are common to us. Not only that, they can be found anywhere and they can easily contact to humans and animals as well.

For me, its better to look at this insects as one of the factors of the spreading and I think it's worth it to take sometime to have a good fleas control mechanism and solution. Because in this manner, we can somehow eliminate the odds of quick spreading of this kind of virus.

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