Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ako Mismo Tag

Oh, my friend got a Ako Mismo Tag, a nationalistic tag. Its good that he was able to have it and the best thing about it, is that he just gave it to his sisters and brother, how kind he is. And I know his brother and sisters will be happy and interested to have this kind of tag also.

How I wish he will gave me one too. Hehe! I'm thinking where can I get this "Ako Mismo" Tag? I was not able to ask my friend about this and I think I can just get this on a official dealer. Because I've heared that this tag can't be bought anywhere else. I wonder where could I get one?

Anyway, here is actually the look of that unique Ako Mismo Tag. Some said it symbolizes the real YOU, despite of other external forces that may change the way who YOU are. And for me, it somehow shows you that YOU are honest and true at ANYTIME and ANYWHERE. Basically, it is YOU as a good citizen of your family, society and the rest of the world.

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