Sunday, August 23, 2009

Are they worth to be a Halloween Costume?

Hello guys, a while ago, I was surfing the internet and I've found a very cute costumes which I really like. But before anything else, costumes as we all know really gives more color on a particular party. It gives it more a great happy and party experience when people are having their own costumes. It may be your common costume party or the famous Halloween party which is really something that uses cool and funny Halloween costumes. If we will think of it, Halloween party is somewhat a scary party but today, it was already been celebrated in such a way that it is nice to participate on and at the same time having some great fun while celebrating.

This is why any costumes will do when attending Halloween parties. Because, having a costume that reflects uniqueness and even though its not a scary costume, still it will be much appreciated. :)

Anyway speaking of a costume, as you can see, babies are in their cute respective costumes. I like them because aside from being cute, they are also one of my favorite cartoon characters. Specially, Blue which has a dog with a lot of clues. I'm having fun when I'm watching this cartoon character.

It funny to see, kids wearing cool costumes. Just like this picture above. This kid is wearing a "Blue's Clues" costume. It nice because it really looks like Blue.

This is also one of the costumes I like. As you can see, this little kid is wearing a bunny costume. This little kid is really cute and adding some bunny arsenal with a long standing ears.

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nancy said...

absolutely! any toddlers would surely look adorable in these costumes :-D