Saturday, August 22, 2009

Paseo Parkview Tower

I just want to share with you my first experience spending overnight in a condo. hehe... Well, the mom of my sister's boyfriend invited me to have a dinner and spend overnight in her condo. Since, I don't have work today and tomorrow so I decided to go with them too. :) The name of the condo is Paseo Parkview Tower located in Paseo, Makati City. Her condo unit is situated in 18th floor and the view from there is very amazing. It's overlooking the city of Makati and lots of neighboring tall buildings. ^_^

Tomorrow will be a big day. We will be celebrating the birthday of my sister's boyfriend. His mom plans to have a celebration in a famous restaurant in Glorieta. I forgot the name of the place...hehe... So from here, we will go to Glorieta to celebrate her son's birthday... :)

Well, back to the Paseo Parkview... Hmmm... Its cool!... Lots of guests were staying here. Some are the famous actresses and actors, some are foreigners, etc. They have a huge swimming pool too. Actually, we were planning to have a night swimming but unfortunately it rained hard so the swimming was canceled... :(

How I wish I can also afford to have my own condo... It's really my dream to have one...hehe...

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