Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Value of a Snail Mail

Where are our snail mails today? Is it lost and covered with the fast internet messaging services?

Anyway, a snail mail is actually a letter which is delivered to you at your very own home. And basically, it was considered the old way of delivering message to your friends, relatives, or even to your love ones. But despite for being an old-school. For me, a snail mail is more valuable than the speed-of-light e-mail. Because, it will really shows that the letter was coming from the brain, hand, pen and HEART, specially if it came from one of your love ones.

So, basically, a snail mail is much valuable and must deserve a great way to treasure them, specially on which mail boxes they will be put and stayed on. It should be as elegant and well treasured box like a cool Mailboxes. But despite of anything, the most important one is to really give thanks to people who sent you a letter right in to your mailbox. Because in this way, you will really show your sender how you really treasured and gave importance on his/her effort of sending you a letter, just like how a mailbox secured that letter at the time you are not able to access them.

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