Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bad Weather Due to Typhoon Pedring

It's a bad weather today guys, this is due to the Typhoon Pedring that made landfall over the boundary of Aurora and Isabela at around 4:00 AM today. This morning I was about to go to to office when my friend text me that there will be no office today due to the worst weather situation. No electricity for several hours, my laptop has an empty battery, I can't heat water and have a coffee, my iPod shuffle also has an empty battery, so I just went to sleep again. When I woke up my head was aching, maybe because of too much sleep, so I decided to just do my laundry and be productive while in the house.

When the electricity went back I immediately recharge my laptop and turn it on to browse the web for the latest and current weather condition. I then visited my friend's blog. And I was so shocked on the mess that this Pedring brought in our country. Check Typhoon Dodong Blog for more information.

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