Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Scrubs for My Sister

My sister is a nurse and is currently working as an ICU nurse. On her birthday I gave her a new set of scrubs thinking that these are the perfect gift to give to her. I was so happy that she liked my present. She said that she really needed a new set of uniforms because her uniforms are already fading and old.

Thanks to http://www.blueskyscrubs.com/ where I ordered the scrubs for my sister. I would really share this to my friends and relatives :) These site really has a lot of options if your looking for Scrubs, Scrub Hats, Lab Coats, and other Nursing and Surgical uniforms.

What I got for my sister are a 2 Scrubs Complete Set which already includes a top with one pocket and scrub pants with two back pockets. What a like about BlueSkyScrubs is that their scrubs are made of a poly-cotton blend which if hung up immediately after washing and drying, they will be wrinkle-free.

If I were you go check on these simple scrubs for men and women available in sets, tops, and pants. These scrubs set a solid, crisp, and professional feel that suits your individuality.

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